Anti-aging Tips For Women In Their 30s, 40s, And 50s

Anti-aging Tips For Women In Their 30s, 40s, And 50s by Ginjo Beauty


Aging Is A Fact Of Life But Looking Your Age Is Not

We did not come up with that, but it is one of our favorite skincare quotes. Believe it or not, once you hit your 30s, your skin has already begun to succumb to the aging process. But it is just not biological age that is the only contributing factor to aging skin. While getting older is inevitable how our skin ages is something we DO have control over. 

Over the decades, the approach to skincare is in 4 -folds: Prevent, maintain, treat and repair. Preventing is more manageable -– and less costly – than trying to fix them in the future with cosmetic surgery.

Control How Your Skin Ages Starting In Your '30s

While we would say you need to start in your 20s, we realize the likelihood of this is slim. Hence, we will start with the '30s as this can be the most challenging time to keep up with proper skincare demands. Juggling a career, starting a family, maintaining a social life, people in their 30s often skip skincare altogether or don’t properly perform the most critical step: Recognizing the habits we develop in the '30s will significantly impact how old your skin will look (chronological age) when you are older. These culprits can make you look 10-15 years older. Add that to the natural aging process, and you can look like you are in your late 50's when you hit your 40th birthday. Not something we would want on our birthday wish list!

Culprits that speed up the aging process:

  • Too Much Sun Can
  • Not Wearing A Safe SPF
  • Stress
  • Not Eating Enough Vegetables And Fruits~ Guess your mom knew something!
  • Not Getting At Least 8 Hours Of Sleep
  • Exposing Ourselves To Dangerous Elements (like smoking, vaping, pollution)
  • Not Properly Hydrating The Body
  • Too Much Alcohol
  • Not Making Healthy Life Choices
  • Lack Of Physical Activity
  • Not Having A Daily Skincare Routine In Place
  • Various chemicals found in different beauty products can cause a loss of tone and elasticity of the skin, resulting in premature aging.

In your thirties, it’s all about preventative measures—you can invest in your skin now, which is more efficient and less costly than trying to correct conditions later. 

In Your 40's

While 40 may be the new 30, your skin requires even more attention during this decade despite how young you feel. For starters, our forties represent a time when a lot of skincare changes happen. 

The collagen loss that started in your 30s has accelerated, and the elasticity of the skin decreases. Both can lead to the start of fine lines, like those pesky 11's between your eyes or those crow's feet starting to show around the eye area.

Be sure to add a collagen-enhancing serum to bolster your skin’s natural network. Like our 24-hour Collagen Serum that nurtures the delicate facial skin to perfection by optimally nourishing and replenishing the skin’s own moisture. It leaves the skin looking plump and the complexion visibly smooth.

The process of desquamation slows down, meaning that our body is slower to shed dead skin cells and produce new ones. 

Those dead skin cells that were once replaced quickly by new cells stop shedding—resulting in sunspots, fine lines, dryness, dull and uneven skin tone. Exfoliants are a great way to help slough off dead skin cells and help mature skin become better prepared to receive hydration from other moisturizing skincare products.

Reduced volume of hyaluronic acid, responsible for retaining water in the dermis, is a cause for dry, dull, lackluster skin. 

Replenish and lock in moisture by incorporating targeted hydration with a quality skincare product that contains hyaluronic acid. 

In Your 50's

This is the decade that your skin really starts to show its damage. Almost overnight, your skin can drastically change - and will continue this change through the decades. What kind of changes are we talking about? Here’s a rundown: 

  • Thinner, paler skin as the number of pigment-containing cells decreases. 
  • The loss of collagen causes sagging skin along the jaw and around the eyes. 
  • Years of sun exposure will also re-emerge as rough skin texture and sunspots.
  • Your wrinkles become more profound. 
  • The blood vessels in the skin become more fragile. Leading to visible broken capillaries.
  • Sebaceous glands produce less oil as you age. Resulting in dry, wrinkled skin.
  • Free radicals start doing damage to fatty tissue, DNA, and proteins in the skin.
  • Ultra-dryness and dehydration

A lot of the skincare approaches we implemented before our 50s, we hope helped with preventive. The fifties are a time when we will be repairing and dealing with your skin concerns head-on. One of the most important things we need to be doing in our 50s is to recreate the protective barrier and restore moisture.

Hydration Is Key

Dehydrated skin amplifies all other skin problems. While there is no magic wand that will turn back the clock on aging skin, maintaining hydration is the backbone to the successes of all other skincare approaches.

A great way to repair your skins moisture barrier when it is damaged it to look for specific ingredients that mimic that natural lipids found in your skin like shea butter, hyaluronic acid, ginseng, sustainably sourced squalene with high levels of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. You want to choose your moisturizer carefully. Which is why we suggest that you have a day cream for protection, support, and deep hydration. And a night cream to work the night shift to encourage optimal skin regeneration overnight.

Apply Serums By Patting Them On

The goal for younger-looking skin is lifting. Hence you should constantly be applying treatment-focused serums in an upward direction. Never drag your skin downward (think sagging skin). It will only help gravity and aggravate aging concerns. Also, when applying, use your fingertips, patting it on and then smoothing it out, but not thoroughly, as it is best to let the formula absorb on its own. (plus, you do not want to be wasting it on your fingers)

Take Your Skincare Routine To Your Neck And Hands

We’ve seen it time and time again. You have some additional skincare products left on a finger, and you wipe it off on a towel! NO, not only is this wasteful, but you are neglecting a critical area that shows age, our hands, and our neck. Especially the neck is as its skin is much thinner, so it is more prone to wrinkling, as there is less collagen in your neck skin, think turkey neck.

So next time you are cleansing and moisturizing your face, do not forget to extend the product.

Add More Retinol To Your Regimen

While you may have added a retinol skincare product to your routine in your 40s, your 50's you need are all about the anti-aging super ingredient. Retinol is excellent at regenerating the skin, promoting collagen production, minimizing large pores for more youthful-looking skin.

To Sum It Up...Age Fast Or Age Slow You Decide

With all that being said, and yes, we know that was a lot. You do have control over how your skin ages. With so many new skincare advances, it more accessible now than ever to keep your skin looking and feeling more youthful from your 30’s and on!

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