Coronavirus Lockdown Beauty Tips

Coronavirus Lockdown Beauty Tips by Ginjo


Being on lockdown or in quarantine has impacted our everyday routines, including our beauty regimens. Beauty treatments that we once took for granted are currently not possible. But this does not mean that we need to let these go by the wayside.  

So, if you want to know what you can do to keep your beauty routine alive during this pandemic, check out our safer at-home approaches below!

Hands-Free Beauty

We use our hands for everything we do, including our beauty regimen. But with the CDC advising against touching our faces, this can put a damper on things.  

But no worries; you do not have to stop your beauty routine completely. You just need to make some tweaks, and Ginjo is here to help.  

Seriously, How Do You Apply Skincare Without Touching Your Face?

There is no denying that we use our hands for almost everything we do, making it more challenging to avoid when it comes to applying skincare products.

As we grow more aware of these realities, we must find tools and products that can make it easier to control a habit that is our second nature. Luckily, there are some sanitary gadgets out there, as well as some everyday beauty items you may have around the house, that allow you to use a hands-free approach for applying skincare products. Look at our list!

A Makeup Brush To Apply Your Skincare

Yes, that makeup brush can do more than just apply makeup. You want to make sure you are using a clean synthetic brush as they do not absorb a lot of product. Plus, they are easy to clean.

Disposable Cosmetic Spatula

These soft mini spatulas are the perfect alternative for people who want to avoid dipping their fingers into a nourishing night cream or day time moisturizer. You can discard these disposable spatulas after using them to maintain hygiene.

Beauty Sponge

One might think that a beauty sponge is used just for applying makeup, but it can also be used to apply serums, toners, and other skincare products. 

Coronavirus Lockdown Beauty Tips by Ginjo

But wait – there is more…

Q-Tips To Depuff Those Undereye Bags

Not only are Q-tips great for applying beauty products in those hard to reach places that you would typically use your fingertips. They can also be a great DIY way to bag those puffy eyes. 

Simply dip the ends of a clean cotton swab into a moisturizing eye cream, drop them in a Ziplock bag and place them in the freezer overnight. When you wake up, you will have a nice cold eye cream to depuff and replenish the delicate skin around the eyes while providing long-lasting moisture and freshness. 

Pampering Ourselves To Help Relieve Stress

Stress is at an all-time high, which can result in overeating and unhealthy snacking, lack of sleep, and even drinking too much wine. All that takes a toll on our body and, yes, our skin. Which is why at-home spa treatments are a must on our list. See some of our favorites below.


These are a perfect way to release tension and reduce stress. A must-have product to include in your facial is a face mask to draw out the impurities, minimize pores, and restore moisture. Follow it up with some anti-aging collagen treatments to help your skin look smoother and younger.  

Soak In A Tub

Scrub away those stresses with a quiet relaxing bath. To create a spa-like experience, do not forget the candles, bath salts, and a glass of sparkling wine.    

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Keeping our bodies hydrated is always essential. But did you know that when you are stressed, your body can become dehydrated, which can take a toll on your skin? Unfortunately, if you are dehydrated, not only will it show up on the skin on your arms and legs, but also your face.

For a hydrated, dewy complexion, you need to drink at least eight glasses—preferably alkaline water. Even consider adding some fruit to it for an extra antioxidant boost. 

Beauty Sleep to Look Younger 

Beauty sleep is real! Getting at least eight hours of sleep is critical for skin renewal because when we are resting, our skin renews and recovers. 

Another tip is to go to bed and get up at the same time every day. As not only can this help with the health of our skin, it can help us to stay focused.  

Hopefully, these few tips will keep you on your path to a cleaner, more youthful complexion, even in these days of lockdown.

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