How To Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine 

Skin Care Spring Cleaning, by Ginjo Beauty

While you're going through your cabinets, closets, and scrubbing floors for a deep cleaning, don't forget about spring cleaning your beauty routine as well. That’s right! Unfortunately, when people think about spring cleaning, they seem to forget about tidying up their skincare routine. This means replacing old expired products with new ones and sloughing off that winter build-up of dried skin cells to reveal hydrated, glowing, healthy, spring skin! 

Swap Your Moisturizer For Lighter Lotion

There is no better time than now to start prepping your complexion for the rising temperatures and humidity! Heat can cause an increase in oil production and lead to problematic skin, so switching to a lighter formula is first on the list!

Improve Your Skin’s Hydration

The dry indoor heat has wreaked havoc on the skin during the winter. Not only has this heat zapped moisture from the skin, but it can also lead to accelerated aging. So, to help revamp those winter complexion blues, we suggest adding some of the following to your routine.

  • Increase Your Healthy Fats. Keeping your skin hydrated is more than just using premium skincare products, as nourishing your body from the inside out is also essential for healthy skin. One of the top ways to keep your skin looking moisturized and supple is by adding Omega-3 fatty acids, which are found in fatty fish, avocados, nuts, and seeds. 
  • Use Skincare Products That Contain Hyaluronic Acids. Don’t let the word “acid” scare you, as Hyaluronic Acid does not burn the skin; it does the exact opposite. Hyaluronic Acid is a star ingredient that is naturally occurring in the human body and should be the centerpiece of any anti-aging routine. This ultra-moisturizing ingredient packs a ton of skin-boosting benefits, including keeping the skin hydrated, plump, and more radiant. It also can visibly soften fine lines and wrinkles.

Improve Your Skin’s Hydration, by Ginjo Beauty

Vow To Exfoliate

Exfoliation is essential and the key to buffing away those dull, dry winter skin cells allowing fresh new ones to appear. Furthermore, by removing this top layer of skin cells, you are making it easier for your serums and moisturizers to penetrate deeper into the skin where they can make a difference.  

Use A Sunscreen Daily

After exfoliation, your skin can become more sensitive to sun exposure. Plus, the beautiful, fresh, spring air means people are outdoors more, exposing the skin to harmful UVB and UVA rays. So, you need to make sure you are protecting your skin by applying a safe EWG Verified, broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher.

Wash Your Makeup Brushes

Now you may be wondering what makeup brushes have to do with skincare? But the fact is that makeup brushes harbor large amounts of dead skin cells, makeup, oil, and bacteria. Who wants to put that all over their face?? Not us! And if that wasn’t bad enough, dirty makeup brushes can lead to premature aging as we are exposing our skin to oxidative stress.

Toss Out Your Beauty Products

Finally, like dirty makeup brushes, bacteria build-up in old, expired beauty products can cause breakouts and other skin issues. There are not many standards in the US when it comes to whether a beauty product is expired. However, some manufacturers do include a suggested shelf life. This suggested shelf life is essential to pay attention to!

See some suggested shelf life for your beauty products.

Makeup Shelf Life

  • Liquid Concealer: 2 years
  • Foundation: 2 years
  • Face Powder: 2 years
  • Powder Blush: 2 years
  • Cream Blush: 1 year

Skincare Shelf Life

  • Cleanser: 1 year
  • BHA or AHA: 1 year
  • Toner: 6 months to 1 year
  • Moisturizer: 6 months to 1 year

And remember, trust your nose! If it smells off, the consistently or color has changed – In other words, when in doubt, toss it out! 

Upgrade Your Skincare With New Products

Now that you have thrown out some expired products, this is the perfect time to get a few newbies to add to your skincare arsenal. With our activities increasing with the better weather, a shortened morning ritual with products that protect and moisturize your skin like the Ginjo Day Kit is a must!

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