Maskne - Why Is Your Face Mask Causing Your Face To Breakout, And Tips To Stop It

Maskne Why Is Your Face Mask Causing Your Face To Breakout, And Tips To Stop It by Ginjo


This is one frequent post we see on social media. "Help. Why is my mask causing my face to breakout?"  Today's constant mask-wearing has brought with it the rise of Maskne. But what the heck does this mean?

The term Maskne refers to a specific form of acne (acne mechanica) triggered by excess heat, pressure, and constant friction against the skin and, in this case, friction from those darn facemasks.

More pimples and breakouts, especially for those with sensitive skin, is higher than ever, but what are we to do? Well, fret no more beauties as we will share some potential reasons why this is happening and tips to help you minimize breakouts! 

What Causes Maskne

We briefly mentioned above the constant friction from a face mask. This constant rubbing on the skin is what irritates your hair follicles, causing an imbalance in the skin, resulting in red, inflamed, clogged pores that eventually form acne-like bumps. But there are some other triggers that we have listed below.


Stress is at an all-time high, leading to unhealthy eating, excessive drinking, in addition to weight gain. Stress can lower your body's ability to heal itself and lead to an increase in a "stress hormone," aka cortisol, linked to skin issues and premature aging.  

Dirt, Oil, Sweat, And Makeup

When you are wearing a face mask, these everyday environmental factors have nowhere to go when buried under your mask. Instead, they get trapped, disrupting the protective skin barrier, pressing into the skin, causing clogged pores, acne, even sores. 

Ok, now that you understand some of the causes, what can you do after the mask comes off?

Check Out Some Of These Approaches Applicable To Everyone Wearing A Mask  

Tip 1- All Masks Are Not Created Equal

While you may be tempted to get that cute mask with cats on it, you need to make sure the mask is made of cotton. Cotton is not only more comfortable, but it is also breathable, minimizing irritations.  

Tip 2- Wash Your Mask Frequently

This one area most seem to neglect. You need to wash and dry your mask after each use. Masks are like underwear; you wear them once and then wash them. Unless it is disposable, then you throw it away. 

One mistake we see frequently is people trying to maximize the life of a mask by

  • Keeping it in the sun with hopes to kill any germs.
  • Carefully hanging it from the rearview mirror to avoid misplacing it.
  • Hanging it in the bathroom to dry the sweat off.  
  • The list of bright ideas, oops, we mean bad ideas goes on and on and on!

If you do any of the above, STOP! You are breeding microorganisms in the weaves of your face mask fabric, which in turn, you are rubbing deep into your skin! 

Tip 3- Wash With A Fragrance-Free Detergent 

Harsh ingredients and fragrances are some of the most common skin irritants, so you may want to think twice before using that scented Tide detergent to wash your mask.  

Tip 4- No Face Makeup

If you want to wear makeup, focus on the eyes as a mask is like a dirty makeup brush, pressing bacteria and germs into the skin!

Skincare Tips To Help With Maskne

Adopting a skincare routine does not have to be complicated. It can be done in a few easy steps by using skincare products enriched with effective ingredients, including antioxidants, hydroxy acids, skin-replenishing and restoring ingredients. Of course, when it comes to Maskne, retinol is your best friend! These elements are crucial to managing breakouts and irritations as they are perfect in aiding the skin's natural shedding process.

Mask On, Mask Off- On… Skincare On The Go

Most of us have gotten the hand cleansing under wraps, but you need to reconsider your face cleansing, especially if you are wearing a mask for an extended period. Think of on the go skincare by keeping some soft antibacterial cleansing wipes in your bag to help gently sweep away all traces of impurities, pollutants, and sweat.

Use A Gentle Foaming Wash

Over washing is a common cause for Maskne, primarily if you use a cleanser containing harsh fragrances and synthetic ingredients, as these can dry and irritate the skin further. Therefore you want to stick with a gentle foaming wash that will not strip your complexion of its natural oils needed to protect. 

How Exfoliating Can Help Maskne

Exfoliating your skin is excellent to ensure that all that gunk and dead skin cells are removed rather than clogging your pores. You want to look for crucial skincare ingredients that are not harsh on the already irritated skin, like

  • Vitamin C
  • Ginseng 
  • Japanese Knotweed 
  • Retinol
  • Green Tea
  • Sea Daffodil Extract 
  • Glycolic Acid

This combination of highly effective active ingredients is the key to increasing cellular turnover so that future dead skin cells have less chance of building up.  

Moisturize Your Skin

Face masks can dry out the skin, so you want to hydrate by using a  Nourishing Face Cream. You want to think less is more here. Therefore, finding a hyaluronic enriched moisturizer that can offer protection and support is vital.  

Soothe The Skin With Green Tea Leaf And Gotu Kola Extract

As you can see, many factors can lead to Maskne, but two secret key ingredients that can help reduce inflammation and help soothe skin is Green tea and Gotu Kola Extract. 

Gotu Kola is excellent for calming and soothing. And the green tea leaf has powerful antibacterial agents that are amazing for killing systemic bacterial inflammation for smoother skin while minimizing sebum secretion. 

And do we have the secret weapon product for healthy, clear skin, Ginjo Wake-Up Toner. This toner is enriched with green tea, gotu kola, and other ingredients which is just what you need to unclog and tighten your pores.

So, there you have it, beauties. Now you can proceed with your daily life by wearing your (clean) cotton face mask, avoid wearing makeup underneath it and if Maskne drops in, adhere to some of our tips above to minimize and treat that unwanted guest! 

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