Skincare Tips For Healthy Glowing Skin This Summer

Skincare Tips For Healthy Glowing Skin This Summer by Ginjo


Summer is here, and this time of year brings tons of skincare concerns and questions like, "What kind of cleanser should I use when it is 100 degrees outside?”, “What is considered safe sunscreen?”, and “How do I keep my skin properly hydrated, as I am always sweating?" But luckily, we are here to share with you some skincare tips for healthy glowing skin this summer.  

Seasonal Change Applies To A Skincare Routine 

While there should be a routine in place that applies to all seasons, there are some things that you need to change up seasonally. Just like you change up your wardrobe, you want to do the same with your skincare products. 

Summer affects the skin differently, as there is an increase in temperature. Combine that with the humidity and scorching sun, you are going to see some changes in your skin during the summer months you may not like.

For starters, you will start seeing an increase in the activity of the sebaceous glands. Meaning your skin is going to appear oilier. The heat will begin to cause the pores to open more; when this happens, the pores, combined with the oily skin, become more susceptible to getting clogged more quickly. And when your pores get clogged with dirt and oil, this can lead to skin irritations and breakouts. Lastly, the scorching sun rays lead to sunburnt skin, causing more melanin pigments, which can cause sun damage, premature aging, even cancer. So, what are you to do? Apply some of these summer skincare tips. 

Lighten Up Your Skincare In The Summer

One of the questions mentioned above is regarding cleansing your face when it is hot outside. Yes, you still need to cleanse your skin a few times a day but consider lightening the load. Think of it like you would when it comes to your wardrobe. Regardless of the temperature, you still need to wear a shirt in the summer. You wouldn't wear a sweater. You would lighten it up by wearing a tank top. The same goes for your skincare! So swap out that heavy cream cleanser for a light foaming option when washing your face.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated In The Summer

Sorry, that extra layer of sweat does not count as a moisturizer. So how do you achieve beautiful skin without feeling like you have a wool blanket over your face? Look for a nourishing day cream that serves many purposes for your summer skincare, like Ginjo Nourishing Day Cream, that offers many benefits:

  • Protection and support
  • Long-lasting moisture 
  • Deep hydration
  • Healthy radiant skin
  • Minimizing fine lines

Wakeup That Summer Skin With A Face Toner

What is the secret weapon to healthy summer skin? It is a face toner! 

Face toners are often a disregarded step in a skincare routine. Still, once you realize how these liquid moisturizers “wake up” the youthful cells of your skin, you’ll be ready to add this skin-changing step to your summer skincare regimen, like yesterday.

Toners work wonders to help unclog and tighten your pores, minimize acne, and balance your PH levels. They are also very refreshing, especially if you store them in a skincare fridge. The chilled toner helps to minimize puffiness and stimulate your face while reducing redness. A skincare fridge can help your toner last longer too.

Protect Your Skin From Free Radical Damage Using Antioxidants

Studies have shown that adding anti-inflammatory antioxidants to your skincare regimen can protect the skin by limiting free-radical production and repairing the skin from oxidative stress. In short, antioxidants protect you against harmful free radicals that produce oxidants. (Anti-oxidant—get it?). Antioxidants also boost collagen production, brighten skin tone, and aid in reversing damage caused by the harmful summer sun! 

The easiest way to get your dose of antioxidants is to look for skincare products enriched with them, like the Ginjo Skincare Line. We combine traditional Korean hanbang ingredients like ginseng with other effective antioxidants like polyphenol, which are plant-based vitamins to help your skin fight free radical damage and recover from oxidative stress.

And remember you can also get antioxidants from your diet by stocking up fruits and vegetables like citrus fruits, berries, leafy greens, green tea, and whole grains for a healthy, glowing, hydrated summer complexion!

Vow To Exfoliate For Smoother Summer Skin

Exfoliation is the key to brighter, smoother summer skin and one of the most convenient and effective ways to teach the skin to act younger. Not only can exfoliating with something like alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) or beta-hydroxy acid (BHA) help to turn back the clock on aging skin, but they can also reverse some of the natural processes that contribute to facial aging. 

Exfoliation is fantastic for the entire body and not just your face. You should, however, make sure that you do not overdo it. As if you exfoliate the skin too often, the skin’s barrier function can become compromised. Your skin can become dehydrated, and capillaries can become damaged. Generally, the skin should be exfoliated only one to two times per week to help expedite skin cell turnover without causing damage.

Show Your Eyes Some Extra TLC This Summer

You look in the mirror and see the first signs of fine lines and wrinkles. And what are those eye wrinkles you see? Crow’s feet!

While we may say the eyes are the windows to our souls, they present a clear picture of something else; your age, as unfortunately, this thin, delicate skin around the eyes is one of the first to show signs of aging.  

The sunny days and habits in the summer such as squinting, not wearing sunglasses, and rubbing your eyes from allergies all can cause creases to develop around the eye area. Eventually, the skin loses its ability to snap back into place and the crease turns into lasting wrinkles. 

To combat lines around your eyes, you want to look for skincare with active ingredients. One of the most effective ingredients to look for is ginseng, the secret of youthThis magical secret ingredient is perfect at helping to fight those pesky eye wrinkles by minimizing fine lines, stimulating skin cells' metabolism, and encouraging collagen production.

Seek Shade, Not Sun

You will read and hear from medical professionals the importance of incorporating an SPF and wearing a safe sunscreen, but that is only part of the equation. You need always to be protecting your skin from the sun, which isn't just from applying sunscreens. This comes by with being mindful of your exposure to the sun. So instead of sitting wide open on the beach, consider sitting under an umbrella. Also, wear sun-protective gear, like a wide-brimmed hat, a cute cover-up, and, of course, sunglasses. And do not forget to protect the feet and hands! 

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