Safe Ways To Treat Turkey Neck Without Plastic Surgery

Ways To Treat Turkey Neck Without  Plastic Surgery by Ginjo

A reason to be thankful this Thanksgiving? How about some effective ways to get rid of those sagging jowls and wrinkles on your neck, aka "Turkey Neck" without plastic surgery?

If you ask us, turkey neck is for the birds, as unlike your face, your neck reveals your real age. And if that wasn't bad enough, the neck seems to be one area many people neglect when it comes to anti-aging and a skincare regimen. So, what are we to do?

Before we get into some ways to treat that sagging neck skin, known as the wattle. We think it is essential to understand what causes this as it is becoming more of an issue in recent years. 

Technology Is Making You Look Older

We are bringing this up first, as premature aging starts at a much younger age because of the constant use of computers, tablets, and cell phones. More and more people turn to look for ways to address sagging jowls and wrinkled necks, due in part due to the high-tech age. 

Spending hours upon hours hunched looking down from posting on social media to reading emails, texting, writing, or in some instances, all the above is the cause! Unfortunately, this constant downward gaze can lead to creases around the neck and chin, wrinkles, loss of elastin, sagging skin, stiff neck, and more.

Natural Aging

Like the skin on the face as we age collagen production, hyaluronic acid, and elastin slows down. The constant production of these three elements within the body is key to plump, youthful skin. But as we get older, the degradation of these elements can be impacted, see one of the common culprits below. 

Over Exposure To Free Radicals

The expression "Invest in your skin; it's going to represent you for a very long time" has never been more real when it comes to free radicals, which accelerates aging. Elements like years of exposure to the sun, air pollution, makeup, and other environmental factors can speed up the aging process. So, reducing your exposure to these is key to younger-looking skin.

Ways To Treat Turkey Neck Without Going To See A Plastic Surgeon

While you could go to a plastic surgeon and pay money for fillers, Botox, and skin tightening treatments, these are not cheap! So, before you invest in those, why not try some preventive and at-home measures to help combat that "Turkey Neck." 

Non-invasive Ways To Combat Turkey Neck

Tip 1: Address That Sagging Neck Skin And Wrinkles Caused From Your Computer Or Cell Phone.

Did you know that the effects of all that downward gazing can lead to a massive 60 pounds of extra pressure on your neck and spine? You can now see how this added weight not only stretches the skin on your neck but also leads to other neck issues. 

Change The Position Of Your Devices 

  1. Keeping your computer or cellphone at eye level or slightly higher instead of looking down can help
  2. Take breaks away from your phone or computer 
  3. Use a headphone when talking
  4. Practice good posture

Tip 2: Facial And Neck Exercises

We can take some approaches to help stretch the neck muscles and align the head and neck correctly. See some of these below. 

  • Face yoga
  • Arch and stretch
  • Neck rotation exercises
  • Chew gum
  • Air kisses: pout your lips as if you were giving a kiss

Tip 3: Use a Jade Roller

A facial roller like a Jade roller is a great way to tone up your neck. This quartz tool is designed to help remove toxins from the skin to tone, plump with moisture, and promote circulation for a more lifted, youthful glistening complexion. 

Another great thing about using a Jade roller is it can help your skin "gobble" up your favorite collagen-boosting serums so they do not go to waste. Massage the product with a Jade roller for an even distribution on top of your skin. 

Tip 4: Take Your Skincare Routine To Your Neck

Did you know that our neck's skin is much thinner, which is why it is more prone to wrinkling, as there is less collagen in your neck skin. 

Also, the neck has fewer sebaceous glands, the glands that secrete oil. This oil is what naturally heals and lubricates the skin providing fewer signs of aging.

So next time you are cleansing and moisturizing your face before you go to sleep, do not forget your neck area. 

Furthermore, you want to use a specifically designed product to help to firm and tighten the skin. Consider using Ginjo 24-hour Collagen Serum. This rich but lightweight serum penetrates deeper into the skin than a moisturizer and smooths wrinkles. Simultaneously, deeply hydrating and replenishing, just what you need to temporarily lift the skin, helping to restore a younger, more radiant look and feel to your neck area.

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