What Your Go-To Skincare Company isn’t Telling You

What Your Go-To Skincare Company isn’t Telling You, by Ginjo Beauty

In the U.S., there are an array of skincare products for you to choose from, from high-end designer brands to products you can purchase from your local drugstore. However, just because they are on the market doesn’t mean they are all healthy for your skin.

We all have our favorite go-to skincare company that we think works best for us. However, there is something that most of our favorite companies don’t want us to find out:

Most of their products contain toxic ingredients. 

What are the potential dangers in these products?
Our skin is the body’s largest organ. A large portion of what we put on our skin gets absorbed. That means that the products we put on the outside of our bodies can affect our health and overall well-being - either in a negative or positive way. Therefore, it makes sense to be extremely cautious.

Because the FDA does not regulate skincare, almost any ingredient can be incorporated in a formula.  A lot of ingredients found in traditional skincare products (face washes, lotions, sunscreens, etc.) have now been linked to health issues such as: allergies, eczema, cancer, hormonal disruption, and reproductive problems.

What is a safe to use?
Look for products that are EWG VERIFIED. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) is an American activist group that specializes in research and advocacy in the areas of toxic chemicals. EWG analyzes and rates individual skin care ingredients according to their toxicity.

It’s a fact that more than 1300 ingredients have been completely banned from use in the field of cosmetics in Europe. In the U.S., only 12 toxic skincare ingredients have been banned by the FDA! EWG rates products according to European standards and helps keep the toxins out of our skin care products. EWG’s work is crucial!

If a product has an “EWG Verified™” logo on it, this means that this product meets EWG's strictest standards and contains none of EWG's chemicals of concern. This means the company has disclosed full transparency regarding formulations and their manufacturing process. This further means that this product is safe and healthy.

When people become sick they are told by their doctors to switch to organic or safer products. Why wait to be sick when you can make the switch now and stay healthy by using products that are EWG VERIFIED.

Why Ginjo?

We created Ginjo out of a driving need to provide a healthy product. We want to help keep you looking young, vibrant and also optimize the health of your skin. It’s our goal to aid you in the pursuit of natural and flawless beauty, but not at the expense of your health. This is why Ginjo is made with powerful natural ingredients like Korean forest-grown black ginseng, Squalene, Hyaluronic Acid along with precious oils, minerals, and vitamins.

Ginjo is clean beauty power at its best: Safe for the skin; safe for the planet.


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