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Are Ginjo products vegan?

Ginjo Moisturizing Eye Cream, Ginjo Nourishing Day Cream, Ginjo 24-hour Collagen Serum, Ginjo Collagen Gems and Ginjo 24-hour Moisturizing Cream are PETA certified vegan. All Ginjo products are gluten-free and PETA certified cruelty free.

Are Ginjo products hypoallergenic?

All Ginjo products are dermatologist tested. They are suitable even for extremely sensitive skin. Ginjo products are very gentle on skin and knownfor their soothing properties.

Is Ginjo cruelty-free?

We take the wellbeing of animals very serious. Ginjo is 100% cruelty free and certified by PETA.

What is so special about Ginjo?

Ginjo uses Korean forest ginseng as the basic active ingredient in all its products, making its products unique.

Korean forest ginseng is the highest quality form of ginseng in the world.The skin-specific active ingredients of Korean forest ginseng are concentrated in a patented process before they are used in Ginjo products.All Ginjo products are EWG certified and offer highest efficacy paired with best tolerability.

Why should I use Ginjo?

Ginjo is the key to ageless beauty and skin wellness in the most natural way.
Ginjo gives both immediate results and long-lasting visible effects.Ginjo is the only brand in the world based on the use of Korean forest ginseng in all its product variants. Ginjo combines high efficacy with broadest skin compatibility. Ginjo is designed to meet the skin requirements of all skin-types. Ginjo stands for natural skin care products with the highest quality ingredients. Ginjo products stand for a budget conscious combination of innovation, quality and efficiency.

What does Ginjo and its Korean forest ginseng do for me?

By improving the microcirculation, the oxygen supply to the skin is optimized. Creases and fine lines, skin impurities and age spots are reduced.
The skin's resistance to harmful environmental influences is improved, photoaging is effectively counteracted. Inflammations of the skin are reduced. The skin's own hyaluron production is stimulated and the body's own collagen production is activated. The moisture content of the skin is increased. A significant improvement of the skin’s appearance and a lasting anti-aging effect can be achieved.

What makes Korean forest-grown ginseng so unique?

Ginseng has been considered the most valuable medicinal plant in the world for over 5,000 years. The forest ginseng gives previously unknown sustainable results in skincare. So far, 250 ingredients in the wild growing Korean ginseng have been detected. The essential ingredients are:40 different ginsenosides (soap-like active ingredients that are only contained in ginseng); Vitamins B1, B2, B12, C; Minerals and trace elements such as magnesium, germanium, selenium, calcium, potassium. 15 different amino acids. Peptides (insulin-like proteins). Essential oils.

What is the difference between Korean forest-grown ginseng and farm ginseng?

Forest ginseng contains much higher amounts of ginsenosides and nutrients than farmed ginseng and is, therefore, much more effective. Forest ginseng is free of pesticides and fertilizers.

The wild growing Korean ginseng has the highest quality and effectivenessof any ginseng and is extremely rare and expensive in Korea. Only 0.035% of skin care containing ginseng available worldwide uses the highest quality Korean forest ginseng.

Are there any other active ingredients in Ginjo skin care in addition to forest-grown ginseng?

In addition to forest-grown ginseng in the form of root extract and stem cells, Ginjo products contain Squalene, Hyaluronic Acid and other premiumclean ingredients like fermentation-based ceramides,superior Argan Oil, Green Tea, premium olive oil, highly beneficial vitamin and mineral extracts, and a powerful patented protein complex.

Who can use Ginjo?

From the age of 25, Ginjo should be the first choice for a daily skincare routine. All products can be combined with each other. The Ginjo Blog explains the best method of application, a complete skincare ritual to achieve the best possible results.

What's behind Ginjo

Who developed Ginjo?

Ginjo was developed using the scientific findings of a team of experts comprising American, German and Korean specialists.

Why is Ginjo manufactured in Korea?

All the greatest innovations in skin care of the last twenty years have originated in Korea. American scientists have estimated that the Koreans are about 12 years (!) ahead of their own results in dermatology.The Korean skin care industry is a world champion in producing skin care on the basis of a variety of natural substances and then combining them to maximize the beneficial effect of each individual substance. Ginjo uses the world's best know-how in the formulation and manufacture of its natural skin care products.